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Andrew and Desiree Solie

We are both studying at the University of Arizona and plan to graduate in 2014 with our bachelors. Andrew is currently working towards a Law degree while Desiree is working towards either medicine or a doctorate in psychology.

We became a family on the 26th of July, 2013 but want our families and friends to join us in our celebration next year when we renew our vows with a covenant marriage. Andrew adopted into his life Desiree’s four year old daughter, Isobelle Solie and loves being a husband and father. We both hope to add another child into our lives when our school is finished and we can begin to set the foundation to our lives.

Andrew enjoys being active and having fun; he stays fit with daily runs and weekly Kaju-kendo practice where he recently achieved his purple belt. He enjoys hiking, sports, firearms, and playing tea-party with his new step-daughter. Andrew also studies the Bible and enjoys participating in Christian activities through the Church. We both attend Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Desiree loves joining Andrew on his runs and staying active- we are currently training for our first marathon! Desiree enjoys working with all mediums of art, from charcoal to digital media and well as miniatures and dolls. She is a tattoo enthusiast and enjoys tattooing Andrew frequently.