Andrew Avery

Born into a military family, my father was a pilot in the United States Air Force. Due to that career path I have lived in the following states: Indiana, Oklahoma, California, New Jersey, Illinois, and Kentucky. Since the summer of 2002 I have lived in Crestwood, Kentucky. Because I spent my formative years there I am proud to call this place my "hometown". I currently attend Flagler College and study History under the tutelage of Dr. Michael Butler, Dr. Wayne Riggs, and Dr. John Young, among others. I am a writer of sorts, a starter of many novels and currently the finisher of only two. My first novel, Foxholes and Flashbacks, was released by Tate Publishing in January 2009. The novel takes place in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and chronicles a young American soldier's journey to survive a brutal island campaign--based roughly on Guadalcanal--and return home to his true love. I'll be the first to admit this is by no means my best work, it is a first novel. I work on my craft tirelessly and continue to work on new projects. I also love to travel and in the past three summers have visited the following countries: Ireland, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Turkey, and Greece. My goal in life is to be a "Man of Letters", therefore it is in my interest to experience a variety of things that this world has to offer. That being said, I have worked a variety of odd jobs in many different fields: Lawn service, retail, the Horse racing industry, and at a fresh produce store. I am a teller of yarns, almost all of which come from my own life.