Andrew Brouillard

Bay Area, California

• I thrive off of creative thinking. Thinking outside the box is what I do best. Why be like everyone else and obtain the same results when you can be different and obtain something better?

• I am a recent graduate from Sacramento State. At my time there, I obtained a B.A. in Economics. As a student, I was an active member of a Fraternity on campus. Being apart of such a large organization, I got a taste of what it was like to manage a large group of people, individual projects, and also group projects. Since graduating, I've spent my time working for Apple as a Specialist. Im able to speak to all walks of life on a daily basis and practice my face to face communication skills, creative thinking, and problem solving skills.

• Im currently seeking new job opportunities. Im mostly interested in Data Analysis, Marketing, Finance, and Creative/Design, but am open to other opportunities as well.

• I enjoy traveling and seeing the world. Being outdoors and enjoying nature is what I call my "happy place". I have a huge passion for sports, especially soccer.

  • Work
    • Apple Specialist
  • Education
    • CSU Sacramento