Andrew Ferreira

Amherst, Massachusetts

I'm currently a Junior Finance major in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I love this university and I don't want my time here to end, but when that time does come, I aspire to help those who want to learn more about money management and investing. Being a first generation student, my family never had the luxury of higher education; neither did they have the luxury of being able to afford a financial planner or any other type of money manager to help relieve the stress of financial instability and strain. What I am learning today and what I will learn in the future from my professional and also my personal experiences, I want to be able to teach to young adults and those who live in underdeveloped communities that don't readily have access to a financially educated individual. From my own experiences as a teenager, I knew that investing was the smartest way to make a reasonable lump of money from the money I already had, but I was too scared and too afraid to do it so I just kept my money in a simple savings account that gave me pennies per year. I knew that without someone else showing me the ropes I would just be throwing what money I did have away - just the same as gambling. What I am striving to do is reach out to individuals like my family and my younger self who are too afraid to put their foot in the water, in hopes that they will experience and live a less stressful life without worries of not being able to provide for the people they care about most.

  • Education
    • Isenberg School of Management - University of Massachusetts, Amherst