Teacher, Student, and Web Developer in Taichung City, Taiwan

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Andrew is a teacher, non-institutionalized student, and aspiring web developer. Currently living his life in Taichung City, Taiwan. (That would be the R.O.C. to any of you U.N. officials taking a gander at my page.)

I love teaching students of all ages, much more than I would like to admit, but I see my true calling as a techie and travel enthusiast. If you click the button on the top... yea that orange one there, the one with the thumb, you can donate money to my cause. What is my cause exactly? Well as of right now that is mostly education and various costs associated with that. Which will one day lead to the founding of an organization that helps people all around the world empower themselves and others. (But we have to start small.)

The picture you see pretty much sums up my old world hippie values with my new age techie ones. I traveled to the borders of superpowers and helped a kid learn how to use a smart phone while his father repaired my damaged hiking shoes.

Currently I am brushing up on my web development skills and am open to any intellectual and thoughtful discussion about any of my interests. Or even some project ideas or help. (Free of charge!)

If it can help people around the world improve their lives, I'm interested!

My education in Anthropology and Information Science, combined with my world travel experiences have given me a unique perspective on the tech industry. So, if you are in need of some advice or input into tech/social projects in a foreign market. (Particularly Asia) Please feel free to contact me. I would love to discuss it with you and possibly even be involved.

Oh, and of course! If you find yourself in Taiwan and desire a coffee or drink companion, we can meet up. I'm open to discussions of just about anything from world domination (of the non-evil variety) to Buddhist philosophy.

  • Education
    • University of Tennessee
    • University of Hyderabad