Andrew Gonzalez

Minneapolis, MN

I am currently living in Minneapolis, MN working as a sales demand forecaster at Best Buy's corporate headquarters. I come from a backgorund in psychological research in evolutionary and infant development fields at Luther College and University of California, Berkeley respectively.

My interests are broad including data analysis, epistomology, human nature, music and the future. I am also a classically trained vocalist and have received training as an improvisor at the Brave New Workshop theater.

I love to approach questions with the rigor of data analysis as well as the creativity of music and improv. Understanding the relationship between numbers and the real world is my passion; using information for the betterment of mankind is my mission.

  • Work
    • Best Buy, Inc.
  • Education
    • B.A. in Psychology and Biology from Luther College
    • Graduate of Improv School at the Brave New Workshop, Minneapolis MN