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Andrew Joseph

Toronto, Canada

Andrew Joseph was born in London, UK, raised in Toronto, Canada, and cavorted in Ohtawara, Japan for three years. He is 48, married, has a son, a dog and a cat. He has over 30,000 comic books and a plethora of pioneer aviation-related tobacco cards and likes to build LEGO dioramas. Along with writing for a monthly industrial magazine, he also writes comic books and hates writing in the 3rd person. He also hates having to write this crap that no one will ever read. Along with the daily Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife blog, when he feels the hate, will also write another blog entitled: You Know What I Hate? along with another adult-content blog with a link somewhere on this page under an alias. He also is the creator of the Pioneers Of Aviation blog. He also wants to do more writing - for money, though.

  • Work
    • writer and editor
  • Education
    • University and College graduate in Political Science and Journalism.