Andrew Kelley

Hanover, MA

My name is Andrew Kelley and I am a hardworking student driven for success. I was born and raised on the south shore of Boston. I am currently on course to graduate from the University Of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016. I am a member of the Mark H. McCormack Department of Sport Management in the Isenberg School of Business. My passion is to one day become the Director of Team Operations for the Boston Bruins.

I have a passion for sports, but more specifically I have a passion for the game of hockey. I enjoy playing the game, watching the game, or just being around the game. Growing up I always enjoyed going to professional hockey games, but something that interested me more was what was happening behind the scenes. I wanted to learn the specific roles and jobs people had that resulted in these great sports teams.

After being accepted to the University of Massachusetts I knew right away that I had to get into the Isenberg School of Management as a Sports Management Major if I wanted to work in the National Hockey League. I understood that being accepted into the school was very difficult; however, I accepted the challenge. After my first semester sophomore year I was accepted and declared as a sports management major. I then began to take classes that I knew could help develop my knowledge and skills, such as management, marketing, and accounting. The work ethic I have developed as a result of taking these classes has really prepared me for working in the industry. My organization and hardwork has driven my success in academics and will continue to play a vital role in my development for the future.

After learning about some of the different fields within the business world, one department that stood out to me as an area of interest in the sports industry was team operations. The field of team operations reeled me in because it involved management of all aspects of the team from player personnel to scouting to scheduling and even traveling. This responsibility of coordinating various different aspects of the business grabs my attention because it gives me the opportunity to take part in more departments rather than just focusing on one specific field.

I am confident that working in an environment I enjoy will encourage me to work harder on the job. I plan on graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a bachelor of science degree in Sports Management.

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    • Special Olympics Massachusetts
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    • University of Massachusetts Amherst
    • Isenberg School of Business