Andrew Kwashnak


I currently work for a small non-profit, quasi-state financial company as a "Data and Systems Analyst".

Develop and maintain the core ASP.NET Intranet site and Microsoft SQL Server database and Crystal Reports for the entire office.

Develop and maintain external PHP and PostgreSQL database website including the public website and client data-gathering web application.

Support co-workers with installed instances of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Crystal Reports, graphic editors and any other application required for productivity.

Outside of Work

I am a member of the Danbury Area Comptuer Society (DACS) as a Board of Directors member, prevously the Linux Special Interest Group (SIG) leader.

I also have been involved with presentations at our monthly general meetings which are open to the public.

My last presentation was a side-by-side comparison of Windows 7, Os X Lion and Ubuntu Linux on how common tasks are done and applications available for each. I will be running a presentation on Cloud Storage in 2013.

I have been involved with replacing existing computer support customer and refreshing hardware and software for the local church.

I also developed from the ground up a registration and check-out application for the annual live and silent auction fundraiser in PHP.


Attended Microsoft Official cources and related subject training.

Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications

Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (VB.NET)

Programming with ADO.NET

Analysing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Soluctions Architectures

Programming a Microsoft SQL Server database

Advance Javascript Programming

Project Management Fundamentals

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Web Design with XHTML, HTML and CSS

Graduated from Daniel Webster College with a degree in Business Management specialized in Accounting in 1994.

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