Andrew Pietz

My name is Andrew Pietz. I'm one of the two Andrew Pietzes currently alive. The other is a recherché hair stylist in New Mexico with whom I am not related, but wholly intend to meet. I have a dog, Nala, named after the Lion King character. She's a German Shorthaired Pointer- a hunting dog. My father utilizes that aspect of her, but I'm not really into that sort of thing. I spend a great deal of my time fiddling with old computer parts from a couple years ago when people commissioned builds from me, so I know a lot about hardware. In my freshman year my writing was featured in a citywide magazine, the name of which I unfortunately can't remember. My primary focus is game design. Not necessarily but mostly video games. A long time friend of mine goes to college for a degree in game design and I do the majority of his assignments (not in his stead, just for my own benefit). It really fascinates me. Numerous books on the subject line my bookshelves. The last couple years of my life have been spent teaching myself to program with the end goal of being able to make games in my free time. I'm also a boy scout. I managed to make it within an inch of eagle without realizing that they don't let non religious people join their highest rank, but the experiences were worthwhile, nonetheless. Canoeing through canadian lakes for two weeks and a hundred miles with nothing but what we could carry, doing much less extreme camping on a monthly basis, hours of community service well into the triple-digits, and my plethora of probably useless knowledge on greatly varying topics that I've amassed in my endeavor to attain merit badges are all experiences that have shaped who I am, despite my having nothing to show for it. Other hobbies include reading, watching TV and movies, and shooting skeet. Also I can juggle, so that's a thing.

  • Work
    • Urgent Behavioral Health Care employee
  • Education
    • Tom C. Clark High School
    • The Winston School San Antonio