Andrew Skeene

Andrew Skeene has had his hand in many businesses throughout his professional career, and is currently Director at Global Forestry Investments (GFI), a company that he co-founded in 2008. He is well skilled in establishing the firm's strategic course and in creating and implementing well though-out investment strategies. Along with being responsible for the firm's client services and business development, he also carries out detailed financial analyses in regards to international portfolios and manages the operating funds.

Director at Global Forestry Investments

GFI is a privately owned company that invests in timber and the regeneration of forests in Brazil. From their offices in Dubai, London and Brazil, they seek out avenues of ethical investments in the world's forests that help to strengthen the region through increased planting and sustainable forestry practices while providing investors with opportunities for long term profits with very low risk involved. Investments in the deforested areas of the world help to improve the environment and qualify as green investments. Andrew Skeene is actively involved in every area of the company's investments and growth, but he is most valued for his keen ability to look ahead and develop a safe strategy for the direction that the business should take according to future trends in the market. He does in-depth research into additional investment properties and opportunities and prepares a complicated financial analysis before he delivers his technical and professional opinion concerning the proposed investment. In addition, he also supports the fund managers with cash management advice, fund lever operations and help in diversifying the clients' portfolios.

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