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Andrew Wong

Kuala Lumpur

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People call me the MAD man. I like to think that way because the job that I do, "make a difference" in people's lives. I am the Founder and CEO of MAD Incubator, the largest private incubator in Malaysia and Co-founder of BootstrapAccelerator, the only Accelerator that is a JV between a Malaysian company and Silicon Valley-based company.

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and MAD about ideas. I love working with entrepreneurs and love watching them succeed in their businesses. We celebrate each time we have wins and we cry together each time with a setback. All in all, I am very proud of them because it takes gusto and passion to be an entrepreneur. It is not easy and they have my respect.

Due to the nature of my work, I travel a lot...visiting countries across South East Asia, often on speaking engagements and training. I am a World Bank certified Incubator Managers Trainer and I am often invited to speak at conferences and events.

As the largest private incubator in Malaysia and the No. 1 private incubator in the country, I get the privilege to be invited in government task forces and investment panelists. Recently, my company took over a government incubator based in Cyberjaya which I have successfully turned around the operations of the incubator

I like travelling because it helps me to clear my mind and be inspired by what I see. I take the learnings and create new project and products for my incubator.

So, to those entrepreneurs out there, I want to know you.

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    • Cyberjaya
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    • Masters In Business Admnistration