Andrew Youtz

Harrisburg, PA

In 2001 I began working with Shearer Locksmith at the front counter. I learned to cut keys, rekey locks and other basic locksmithing tasks. I quickly found that I enjoyed this industry and I advanced to a mobile technician whom would go from one location to the next performing locksmithing tasks. In 2002 I became a Certified Registered Locksmith with ALOA.

After about a year I worked on my first safe, changing the combination. I found safe work challenging so made it my goal to become the best safe technicain I could be. Over the next eight years I worked my way up in the safe community to a Certified Master Safecracker (NSO).

In 2010 I was asked to help out in the alarm and camera department with an instalation. I soon began installing alarms and cameras on a regular basis. After instaling many alarm and camera systems, I became a permanent part of Shearer Security Devices electronics department. I found surveillance cameras very interesting and late in 2011 became head of video surveillance installations for Shearer.

It was summer of 2012 that Mr. Shearer asked me if I would be interested in selling security equipment. I agreed to give it a try as long as I don't need to pressure customers into things they don't need. My experience with all aspects of home and commercial security provided a solid foundation to properly secure our customers and I let my knowledge, experience and our great service do the selling.

Many companies hire salespeople to sell their goods. In this industry I think experience is the only way you can sell security. Over the last few years I have encountered many people that have met with other salesmen prior to meeting me. One thing that I hear often is how I was selling security and not just a product. I do whatever I can to properly secure our customers according to their budget.

  • Work
    • Shearer Security Devices
  • Education
    • Certified Registered Locksmith
    • Certified Master Safecracker