Andrew Abdou

Boston, Massachusetts

My name is Andrew Abdou, and I am a Masters Candidate at Harvard University, for a MA in Public Policy. I am an alumnus of Rutgers University- Newark Campus where I majored in Political Science and Criminal Justice and a certificate in National Security/Intelligence and Counterterrorism. I am honored to be associated with both Alpha Phi Sigma- Gamma Mu Criminal Justice Honor Society, and Phi Sigma Alpha- Political Science Honor Societies.

I have been fortunate to be exposed to various positions throughout the different levels of government and the private industry. I’ve worked at Command Consulting Group, which “is an international security and intelligence consulting firm that provides advisory services to governments, corporations, and high net worth individuals. Members of the CCG team helped lead the efforts to overhaul and modernize many of the agencies responsible for the security of the United States and implement major reforms in the areas of intelligence and information sharing, technology deployment, and interagency coordination.” I’ve had the honor to serve with the United States Secret Service, the district legislative offices for United States Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey and New Jersey Senator Samuel Thompson.

During my college years, I held Research Analyst position at the School of criminal justice at Rutgers Newark has made most of my dreams possible.

Being born of Egyptian decent in America plays a significant factor in deciding to continue to studies in Public Policy. The Arab Spring, and lack of Coptic human rights are all key factors that intrigue me to research. My parents, who may be considered products of the American dream, aid in cultivating the love and respect that I have for the United States. On the other hand, despite being born in America, my passion towards Egypt plays a noteworthy role in my life.

Coptic Christians in Egypt have been plagued with for years. The current life of a Copt living in Egypt is almost unlivable. Copts are fearful to walk down their own streets and are constantly harassed. I pray to be a voice to the voiceless at some point in my life.

  • Education
    • Harvard University