Andrew A Chibi


Andrew Allan Chibi (b.1963) is a Canadian scholar (from London, Ontario) living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the north of England, continuing a lifelong interest in history. Doctor Chibi read English literature, political science and history at the University of Windsor (B.A. 1985; B.A. 1986), read history at the University of Toronto (M.A. 1987) and then specialized in early modern England and Reformation studies at the University of Sheffield (Ph.D. 1993). He considers himself a scholar and an educator, having lectured at the universities of Sheffield, Derby, Bradford, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Trinity and All Saints, Southampton and Leicester, and having taught at the secondary level and tutored students in distance learning initiatives. Over his career as an educator he has faced a number of hard questions and pursuing satisfactory answers has resulted in a number of books, journal articles, book reviews, biographical notes, and educational supplements. His next book, "The Wheat and the Tares" was published in mid-March 2015 while his next article, "'The daungerous whyrlepoole of wicked ignoraunce.' Paul Bush's Exhortation, the Gloucestershire gentry and the Marian revitalization of Catholicism" will be available from 2016.