Andrew Alston

Andrew Alston enjoys giving back to his community by volunteering for various local service projects, particularly if the work helps cleanup the environment. To help achieve this, Andrew Alston regularly volunteers for neighborhood cleanup events, and at a local recycling center.

Andrew Alston's concern for the environment and his belief that reducing global warming should be a personal endeavor are largely to thank for the fulfillment that he receives after participating in events that help reduce waste and beautify the community. Alston believes that everyone should take responsibility for reducing his or her carbon footprint by recycling and slowing down their rate of energy consumption by walking or using public transportation.

Andrew Alston is also consistently amazed at what a neighborhood can do when it gets together and tries to accomplish something. He has seen entire areas rehabilitated, with everyone pitching it to clean up local parks and common spaces. There is always a definite sense of inclusiveness within the larger community after these events, and Andrew Alston enjoys being a part of that.

Volunteering at a recycling center gives Alston a similar sense of satisfaction. In the last three years, his recycling team has been able to surpass their goals, and even won the yearly recycling competition, for which they received compost. Though the reward was a tad unconventional, Alston was happy to take his share home to use as potting soil.

In addition to his volunteer work, Andrew Alston enjoys playing indoor and outdoor sports, playing chess and checkers, biking, reading, visiting planetariums, and stargazing. One of seven children, he is very family-oriented and spends as much time as possible with his family members and friends.