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Andrew Bacchus

Andrew Bacchus has been involved in the martial arts for 6 years and holds the rank of 1st degree black belt. He currently works as an instructor for the Amerikick Langhorne school with aspirations to compete in sport martial arts on a national level (a goal that he is not too far from achieving).

Guided by character, discipline, hard work and determination, Andrew is a role model that any parent would want their child to emulate. Without sounding too cliche, Andrew can and will accomplish anything he sets his mind to do!

Martial Arts Goals

1. Learn as much as he can about communication and education in the martial arts classroom.

2. Open a martial arts school of his own.

3. Travel the Sport Martial Arts circuit.

Non- Martial Arts Goals

1. Earn a college degree in anatomy/ physiology.

2. Sports training and athletics.

Mentors: Above all his parents

Martial Arts Influences: Justin Smith, Chris Millares, Chris Goffman, Mike Sautner and Doug Shaffer.