Andrew Bell

Johannesburg South Africa

I have always been intrigued by the ability of imagery being able to convey an idea or an emotion. Ever since picking up my first real camera in 2000 and hearing the clunk of the shutter and the film winding on I was hooked. Traditionally trained in the darkroom I processed and developed black and white prints for 4 years. When the time came I swiftly made the transition across to digital, embracing the entire workflow from shooting to processing and finally printing. My photography is largely influenced by my professional life as an architect. I am passionate about the idea of using architecture as an instrument to create meaningful space that can influence our physical environment and the way we interact with the world. I believe commercial architecture has great potential to empower our civic spaces. In order to access this side of the industry in a serious way I am currently augmenting my vocation through completing my masters in property development and management.

  • Work
    • Paragon Architects
  • Education
    • University of Witwatersrand