Andrew Bristow

Raritan, NJ

Young IT professional interested in technology policy and human-computer interaction. Recently received my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Certificate in Information Technology and Society from Princeton University. I'm currently working as an IT analyst within the Global Security Operations group at Johnson & Johnson in Raritan, NJ. In a previous role, I served as an IT project manager for a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary in Orange County, CA.

Research interests include: cyberbullying, youth and media, social networks, employment markets, and digital ethnography. I recently worked as a research assistant to a digital ethnography project focusing on the use of Facebook by youth in New York City. In addition, I recently completed my senior thesis, which focused on the impact of cyberbullying on local middle school students and their responses to such incidents. In previous research, I have extensively studied the role of social networks in the job searches of graduating Princeton University seniors.

Aside from my academic interests, during my college years I served as the co-chair of the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship's Service Team, volunteered with Westerly Road Church as a youth group leader, and co-coached a Dillon Youth League 4th/5th grade basketball team with my roommate.

I grew up in rural Northeast Florida, and I enjoy playing tennis and watching classic movies in my spare time. Since moving to California, I've also taken up running and a bit of cycling.

  • Work
    • Johnson & Johnson
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    • Princeton University