Andrew Brought

San Antonio, TX

Hailed as “a performer with emotive fire and engaging frenzy,” Andrew Brought began playing drums when he was eight years old. By the time he was sixteen, he was versed in both Western and World Music. As an artist, he continues the pursuit of harmony between intellect and intuitive creativity.

Performing in venues from intimate concert halls to regal stages across North America, Andrew draws inspiration not only from the progression of music technology, but also the visual imagery evoked through his pronounced wit and vivid sense of humor. As a composer, he has worked on personal and collaborative projects, from solo compositions for dance to theatrical ensemble presentations.

Andrew holds a B.M. in Percussion Performance from Coastal Carolina University and appreciates an expressive melody as much as he does a persuasive rhythm. He also has a cool wife.

Visit his website to see his videos, compositions and more.

  • Education
    • Coastal Carlolina University