Andrew Corbman

Consultant and Editor in Ashburn, Virginia

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A 1994 graduate of the University of Maryland, Mr. Andrew S. Corbman holds a degree in Finance and definitely knows how financial security proves to be quite elusive especially for those facing retirement. That is why he put up ASC Financial, Inc. ASC Financial is Mr. Corbman's own company that deals with all investments to assist Americans age 50 and older in becoming financially independent after they leave work. Aiming to genuinely bridge the gap in every client’s retirement strategy, Andrew Corbman works with clients personally to ensure that they have a strong and dependable strategy in place to address their concerns on retirement, social security and retirement systems, as well as their legacy planning concepts, all to help ensure a secure future for themselves and the ones they love.

Andrew Corbman works to ensure that his clients enjoy strong financial independence in the future when regular employment is no longer a viable option. Utilizing his in-depth experience in using fixed index annuities, Mr. Corbman helps clients in solidifying their retirement strategy with valuable protection for financial independence. He does this by helping clients discover various income options and accumulation with reliable protection for their principal against the volatility in the market. He also provides fixed index annuities so clients and their families can optimize the various benefits that this type of market component can provide. Patiently, Mr. Corbman explains to clients how the death benefit can be used to help fund their spouse’s retirement goals while helping replace lost social security income as well as other needs.

Andrew Corbman aims to make a big difference in other people’s lives, especially those of his clients’. He educates them on the many strategies they can use so their investment matches their own needs and objectives including their long or short term goals, retirement status, disability, age, income needs and all other relevant components.