Andrew S. Daley

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

I am an Assistive Technologist who provides training services that extend to the disabled community at the University of New Brunswick. Much of what I do is one on one training, mentoring and troubleshooting of the latest assistive software, and hardware available to students today. Along with extensive training; I also help to facilitate other aspects of the sometimes argues process of funding, acquiring, and setting up assistive technology . I am visually impaired, and struggle with many of the same technology, and ergonomic issues that I train others to use everyday. My disability gives me a unique perspective important to conveying the message that “technology is, and will continue to be an equalizer. I have been involved in the service industry for 15 years, ranging from managerial posts; to training and advisory positions including my present role as Assistive Technologist at the University of New Brunswick.

  • Work
    • University of New Brunswick
  • Education
    • Degree in Economics
    • Learning Disability Education Specialist