Andy Fox

Product Experience Designer in Brighton, UK

I have 15 years experience helping startups and innovation teams design the right product and design the product right.

In the past I've had the pleasure of delivering web, app and mobile projects with organisations like HMRC, Philips, Barclays and Kellogg's. I've also worked with agencies such as Ogilvy, EY-Seren and Toptal.

My skills cover:

I help uncover customer needs and validate that you have identified a real problem that customers will pay your business to solve.

I help you generate the best ideas to solve the problem. Then architect, prototype and visualise a quality concept experience.

I help you learn if your customers accept your product. Do they find it useful?.. usable? We’ll work out what to improve so that they love it.

I help your team collaborate, prioritise and ship great product to your customers in a lean agile way… quickly, regularly and iteratively.

I help turn your customers into advocates, spread the word about your product and build a framework for your business processes to scale.