Andrew Davis

Merthyr Tydfil

Hi to start off with i went through a process a few months ago realising i needed to get my own opinions and my own views of different ideas and on different stories across thus making myself more noticable within the online community and communicate more..

a bit about me:

I obtained my degree in Internet Computing after studying 7 years in the field through college and university during which time i will discuss later on. I currently am active within the PHP(coding language) community and online coding networking community.


I enjoy keeping upto with different languages that can be used or tools to make my working practises easier such as Web Editors(notepad++), online developer tools/browser tools(inspect element/firefox firebug), when im not chilling out and working on php extensions, i like to play pool or snooker while discussing with a few other people who work in the same field as me.

Home life:

any home life i have is usually split between my relationship with my girlfriend of three years and my family.

Own Experiences:

during my time in university i took part in a european academic program known as ERASMUS, of which i spent 3 months of my life on the Greek Island of Crete with 3 other students on the same university course as me. during my time there i tried to get as much culture and as much information about the island and the people, i even took lessons in learning the greek language and learning its history (also includes how the labrynth came to be), most of my own experience are from my own making and my own design this includes how i developed my own knowledge of PHP and MySQL.

if you have any questions just e-mail me or tweet me at any of my external links

  • Work
    • Orchard Media and Events Group
  • Education
    • University Glamorgan Internet Computing Degree