Andrew Dean

What I've done in this IB class. Throughout this year, we have learned how to interact with technology, use math to solve everyday problems and situations using techniques and equations. We explore into subjects of our choosing, getting to learn more and interact with that subject, in a project we call the 20% project. This project takes up 20% of the time we have this school year, and we create "products" that we use to explore the subject. These products can vary from comics, movies, interviews, newsletters, surveys and much more! All of these products have to do one subject of our choosing (ex: Art, BasketBall, etc.) or something we would like to do as a career later on in life. This project can be used for our education or to bhelp prepare for the future when we have to get JOBS! Having an IB class(A.K.A S.T.E.M Lab) allows us to interact with the new environment around us. An environment of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. S.T.E.M.