Andrew de Andrade

Andrew de Andrade is co-founder of Pato Guloso, a startup whose goal is to connect those with a passion for eating with those with a passion for feeding. At Pato Guloso, he is responsible for user experience, usability, design and front-end engineering (HTML5, CSS3 and client-side Javascript with Jquery, Underscore.js and Backbone.js).

Pato Guloso is currently in development and has not launched yet. A closed beta is expected to begin in late January and will be announced at Campus Party Brazil 2011.

Prior to working to co-found his first startup, Andrew was the Vice President of Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management at Mentez. He is responsible for maximizing the monetization of the social network applications in Mentez’ portfolio, such as BuddyPoke, Colheita Feliz, Gangues and Bolão Placar.

Before working at Mentez, Andrew was the lead product manager for Locaweb’s IaaS Cloud Computing product, the fastest growing product in the company’s history, and before entering Brazil’s Internet industry, Andrew worked as an associate equity research analyst at Itaú Securities.

Andrew holds a BS in Textile Technology and Apparel Management and a BA in Psychology from NC State University. He’s also just a few credits shy of a physics minor and math minor. However, by this point in time, he’s pretty sure that all the new stuff he’s learned since graduating has pushed the old stuff from college out of his brain.