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Andrew Meadows

FAVORITE FOOD: Breakfast. I love breakfast for dinner. With the addition of the occasional bloody mary, it is indeed the most important meal of the day.

FAVORITE BOOK: It’s no mystery that I’m passionate about my career, but I’m also quite passionate about the illustrated story aka comic books. My favorite of all time is Phonogram: The Singles Club. It mixes in some great storytelling, amazing style, and, my other favorite medium of expression, music.

IF YOU HAD ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I’m pretty adventurous and would be even more so if I were invulnerable. I’d try any extreme sport, stunt or adventure. What’s the worst that could happen if you couldn’t be hurt, right?

FAVORITE INSECT?: The ant. They are planners, have incomparable teamwork, and can lift 50 times its own weight. What’s not to like?

IF YOU COULD INSTANTLY BE AN EXPERT IN ANYTHING?: Aside from comic books and 401(k)s, I’d think a survivalist’s knowledge would be ideal. With 2012 around the corner, it’d be good information to know how to ultimately endure the zombie apocoypse!

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU RETIRE?: I’d imagine that my retirement would involve a small, one-bedroom place on the Outer Banks with a dog and my family around me. My days filled with sunshine and the beach, my nights with a loved one and bourbon.