Andrew Dellaripa


A recent graduate of Villanova Law, I am as passionate about my education as I am about my creative pastimes. I read and write fiction (working on a novel for a year now, but I pen short stories whenever inspiration hits), sing and play guitar in the acoustic duo The Gold Coast. Occassionally I sketch (especially when I am daydreaming) in my free time. While my right-side brain lies in these endeavours, my left-side brain lies with my legal writing, copy-editing and blogging. I am highly self-motivated, organized, and an all-around excellent communicator. I wrote for the Environmental Law Journal. I also volunteered with VITA. I recently sat for the New York State Bar Examination. Now I am just waiting the unbearably long time to hear back. They say November. I'll die of anxiety before then, I fear.

  • Education
    • Villanova Law School
    • Fordham University