Andrew Cross


I am from Cross and Chapman gray matter, from warm apple pie and cold ice cream, from hot garlic and chilé pepper salsa, born on a US Military reservation in the State of Virginia in 1962.

From the little grey house on Berkeley Road, with the muddy creek that runs beside.

I am from the Avocado and lemon trees of Santa Barbara, California.

From the restless USMC Cross family…. from a family of cat lovers that slowly over time moved west from one end of the country to the other and back again….from the family of Brooklyn’s Lt Colonel William Eugene Cross and Cuba, Missouri’s finest, Martha Helen Chapman.

I am from a generation of patriots, movers and shakers who defended us in war and peace.

From Sears Wishbook Christmases and family together matters.

I am from a family of lapsed Catholics and reformed Protestants. I married a Jewish woman from Brooklyn who had resettled in New England and I’m now from here!

From the Chapman family who were farmers and the Crosses who kept to themselves.

I am from photos long gone and stories long forgotten, but some of us remain with memories from long ago and far away.