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Andrew Escobar

Andrew Escobar is a technical consultant and trainer. At a young age he grew with a knack for computers and technology. This once hobby developed in to a love and career in technology. During high school Andrew assisted in creating the first website for Humble High School with the aid of Mrs. O'neil, the web master teacher in 1999. Since then Andrew learn under the tutelage of Oscar Gonzalez, a software engineer and designer at LJA Engineering & Associate LLC. Andrew also eagerly assisted the MIS department after hours in order to learn networking and computer hardware hands on. When the opportunity arose Andrew traveled over 2,000 miles to the Bay Area and San Francisco, CA in order to attend college and be surrounded by the excitement of Silicon Valley. In 2003, he started working at Staples just to get through school. Later opportunity arose when Staples decided to bring technology services to their customers. From 2005 to the present Andrew has helped paved the way for Staples EasyTech by performing computer services as well as train other technicians throughout northern California. Andrew continues to help out those that are new to technology and happily assists consumers, family and friends with all there technical needs.