Dr. Andrew Florea

Dr. Andrew Florea

Practicing in Southern California, Dr. Andrew Florea holds certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology. Distinguished from other otolaryngologists by his additional training in laryngology, Dr. Andrew Florea diagnoses and treats patients with a wide variety of medical problems related to the ears, nose, throat, and voice. His practice also offers rejuvenating cosmetic procedures for the face, neck, and eyes. Dr. Andrew Florea writes and publishes articles detailing his research and has delivered numerous presentations concerning his areas of expertise.

Valuing education, Dr. Andrew Florea has spent time as an instructor. Serving as an Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University Medical Center, he worked with surgical residents and medical students studying otolaryngology, teaching them techniques, practices, and theories related to the field. Dr. Andrew Florea has also put his skills to use in medical mission trips to Romania, during which he and his wife, a nurse practitioner, worked with patients in underserved communities.

Dr. Andrew Florea holds hospital and surgical privileges at facilities in Lake Arrowhead, Redlands, and Colton in San Bernardino County. Patients have come to rely on Dr. Andrew Florea for his expertise in face, neck, and eyelid rejuvenation, and he finds great satisfaction in helping them improve their cosmetic appearance and boost their confidence.

Dr. Andrew Florea is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and Loma Linda University School of Medicine. In addition to receiving clinical training during his internship and residency, he has completed fellowships in the otolaryngology subspecialties of laryngology and facial plastic surgery.

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