Andrew Hairetis

Atlanta GA

I have been responsible for leading strategy & brand innovation efforts at IHG for the past 4 years. My focus has been on developing concepts for brand re-positioning, delivering pilot programs & prototypes to gauge effectiveness against operational, financial, and guest experience criteria and evangelizing innovation perspectives and methodologies.

I have developed a streamlined approach and methodology for pursuing low-risk, high-reward innovations, evaluating effectiveness and deploying proof-of-concept pilots in hotels to achieve durable market differentiation, financial sustainability and memorable guest experiences.

I have over 10 years experience in bringing concepts to market in the technology and guest experience arenas. I have founded three start-ups in the Atlanta area that were either sold or merged into larger entities.

I live in the north Atlanta area with my wife Kelly and daughter Zandy who wants to be an astronaut-spy-rockstar when she grows up...

  • Education
    • Cornell University