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Andrew Heitmeyer

Burlingame, CA

Hi, this is Andrew Heitmeyer. If you've ever booked a vacation or business trip, you know that things can get complicated – especially when there are so many options. This is where I come in. I know the deal when it comes to getting the best bang for your vacation buck. I know what various destinations have to offer tourists, can recommend things to do and places to stay, as well as book anything you want in advance to save you the hassle.

More specifically, I provide clients with advice on how to plan the best trip to suit their needs. I have intimate knowledge of what various airlines, hotels, resorts, and other travel industry services have to offer able to convey my opinions to customers. In addition, I can take it to the next level by recommending tourist attractions, dining option and help travelers make arrangements for the proper travel documents, and give them information and advice about foreign matters such as currency, what customs will be like, vaccinations needed, and more.

I know how to work with many sources of information and know how to use them, including departure and arrival times, airfares, accommodation options, and more. Let me help you enjoy your next vacation without breaking your wallet.

  • Work
    • Travel Specialist
  • Education
    • BS Managment