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Andrew Coviello

I'm an inventor of the Easy Care Pet Feeder, which should have been on the market(s) 12 years ago. You can see a brief demo at and Search Easy Care Pet Feeder. Still plan on getting it on the market(s) if a ever raise the funds. PETsMART, wanted to see a production model in l994. Didn't have the working proto-type until l996. Anyway, been in the papers a few times and had celebrities interested in represent this Pet Feeder, for a piece of the action, but they didn't want to put up a dime. Now, I started a Window Repair Business in l989 and made a one of Kind How To VHS, which in now re-mastered in DVD and hope to get this into stores for fixing your extisting double hung wood windows with broken ropes is the best way to go Green and avoid costly replacement windows that only break down in 10 years. Once Historic or Older Windows is fixed it will last another 100 years. My web site is I want to be happy and travel and see the Happy, Safe parts of this world. Love Comedy shows, reading, playing pool and Football. Ofcourse, Love Animals.