Andrew Thomas

Sydney, Australia

Hey! My name is Andrew Thomas I’m a 19 year old student studying B. Construction Project Management at UTS. And that is the very reason why I’ve been forced into publishing this blog against my will. However, since this is the main assignment for my subject ‘The Digital Built Environment’, weighing in at a whopping 50%!!! I guess I’m going to have to give it my best shot! So… here it goes.

I spend most of my time studying (procrastinating) and working at my casual job which I hope to replace with a cadetship in the near future. In my free time I enjoy going out with my misses or hanging out with mates. I also enjoy the EDM scene (trance, trap, and electro/house music), playing and watching football (FC Barcelona supporter), playing video games (FIFA, GTA etc.) .

I have always had a passion for the ‘construction industry’ which stemmed from my unexplainable fixation for construction machinery as a baby. I would make Mum drive me around until we found the nearest construction site and I’d just sit there fascinated. Naturally, my obsession took over my life – from playing with Tonka toys to watching ‘Dig and Dug’ videos on repeat. As I grew older I also grew out of my obsession. My inherent talent for drawing sparked my aspiration and motivation to become an Architect from an early age. I was right on track yet I made a last minute calculated decision to switch to Construction Project Management and in hindsight I’m almost certain it was the right one.

Ultimately, my ideal career would involve something design savvy within industry. Therefore, prospects like BIM consulting and design management appeal highly as career options for me which I intend to affirm as I progress further into the course.

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