Andrew Schneider

My name is Andrew Jacob Schneider named after my two great grandfathers James and Jack. While Schneider has always been my last name, it is from my step grandfather, Sam Schneider. My original last name is from Maurice Kleinman my father’s biological father who died at the age of 37. I am from Russian and British descent but born on US soil. The heritage continued being raised as a practicing jew while living in Atlanta, Georgia. Grew up from age 3 till I left in North Carolina and now looking towards living in the North East in the United States corner. I was born on March 12, 1991, the year of the Sheep and the zodiac sign of the Pieces. With March found both is julian and gregorian calendars, I am the rock of aquamarine and the flower of a daffodil. I will be living for 1 Billion seconds on November 18, 2022, shortly after 3 in the morning. At times ambidextrous, with numbers written with left and letters with my right. I am not that tall but communication is a strength inside. I am not afraid of much, except clowns while worrying is a weakness. Motivation is a gift that has become one of my ultimate strengths. My favorite color is lime green and favorite animal is the mantis shrimp. I am a man. I am. That is who I am.