Andrew James

California Highway Patrol Captain, honorably retiring after 27 years, began consulting to provide expertise in Law Enforcement Policies/Procedures.

In the California Highway Patrol, we were not afforded the luxury of contracting out to others or hiring subject matter experts.

YOU were assigned a task and YOU became the expert. As such, I developed CORE COMPETENCIES in:

Law Enforcement Policies/Procedures, Leadership, Emergency Incident Management, Special Operations, Tactics, DUI, Major Investigations, EEO, Crisis Management, Workers Compensation and Occupational Safety, Code Compliance and Audits, Business Continuity, Vulnerability Assessment, Grant Management, Strategic Planning, Program Administration, Process Development, Procurement, Collective Bargaining, Use of Force, Pursuits, ICS, Site Safety Plans and Security Reviews

Consulting will remain part time, and I welcome hearing about CAREER OPPORTUNITIES!

I will organize efforts in a way that best support the overall corporate mission and strategic plan.

I understand business and I am ready to collaborate with other leaders to turn the security department into a valuable corporate resource that supports organizational success!!

I look forward to hearing from you,