andrew campbell

Artist, Teacher, and Aesthetician in Oxford, United Kingdom

andrew campbell

Artist, Teacher, and Aesthetician in Oxford, United Kingdom

Over the last ten years I have actively supported both Joseph Jaworski and C. Otto Scharmer in their work that is now published in interrelated books.

I teach these and related skills to groups in workshops and I give one to one guided instruction/coaching


I explore deep creative process. In 2007 I co-founded a small firm in London with a co-founder of Google DeepMind, the blue chip AI business. I am Adviser & contributor to the Global Technology Symposium, at Menlo Park Silicon Valley


Empathy and compassion are withering in the current climate. I am an adviser to Basu Rai, Founder of Child Friendly Movement from age nine with the Nobel Peace Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi; journeying beyond the destruction of 'activists' and 'activism'

The primary purpose in my life is developing general creativity, people's generative creativity in a world of collapse - from the family, through businesses to entire nations. I exchange my ideas with the best people possible for critical feedback, whether a Nobel Laureate, like Ilya Prigogine - Al Gore's principal 'science adviser' - with W. Brian Arthur co-founder of the Santa Fe Institute , adviser to Google or a young child on a beach in California.

I am now cooking ideas on the interface of machine learning and human intelligence for driving innovation at all levels.

Real Feedback

“I'm mesmerized by the depth and breadth of your professional portfolio - outstanding!” Partner at Deloitte Washington DC 2015

"andrew, sorry to have been so absent - thinking about how we can use this and your other new work on the new PI website. otto"

2005 - 2008 ​Midwife to and

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