andrew james campbell

Thanks for visiting. I am a San Francisco, London and Oxford based co-creative.

I am an entrepreneur of ideas & strategies for living well and successfully unlimited by the lens of money in all directions and none. In this picture I am readying to teach Bainbridge Graduate Institute alumni/staff by the Pacific ocean at Puget Sound, WA. [BTW, I lost that brown woolen 'jumper' the next year at a conference in San Diego, if you find it please contact me. Thanx]

I guide and facilitate individuals, groups, communities and organizations worldwide, mainly by invitation. My work is linked to personal, social and business change technologies like Integral, Presencing & Theory U, many of whose authors have called on me to help them since 2001.

I also collaborate on more purely creative projects. Why not drop me a note, see if I we can co-create something special.

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