Andrew Morgan

Consultant in England, United Kingdom

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Originally from Sutton Coldfield North of Birmingham.

I qualified as a chef when I left school I moved to London over 20 years ago and started my career in the smoke. I've had my own catering business and have worked for marketing & advertising agencies to help them grow and get new clients and I've even had my 1 second of fame in an Asda Christmas Ad (if you click on the YouTube link below squint and cover your left eye you'll see me near the beginning walking towards the door in the kitchen )

When I'm not working, I love cooking for friends and family often with a bottle of wine or 3, making people laugh, telling bad jokes, eating out, keeping fit and generally being active.

I love long walks in the sun, to run in the rain, the sound of V8's and anything to do with cars, skiing, beaches and good design – oh, and I hate bad service.