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Andy Campbell

Project Manager in Oxford, United Kingdom

Andy Campbell

Project Manager in Oxford, United Kingdom

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I'm Andy, I'm 30 and I live in a village on the fringes of Oxford with my wife, Rachel.

Firstly, I am football mad. I support Aston Villa (family ties) and live and breathe football in general. One of the first things on my to-do list in any day is check out the football headlines. I have had a season ticket, but due to work and other commitments I don't get to as many games as I want to.

I also play locally for a team in Oxford (Iffley Harriers). I am the club social secretary and also play centre back for the team. I also follow Oxford United's results. I like to keep fit and can be found in the gym before work or pounding the local hills doing hill runs.

I also own the food guide Food of the Ox , a project I run as a hobby in my spare time. I love food, I love eating out, and if I'm not playing football I'm usually cooking, buying food or eating out somewhere. I also love to read and learn, and having an open mind to most things is something inherited from my father. My 'geek' hobby is learning about the underground and specifically closed stations, but caves, tunnels and trains interest me in general.

I have a passion for eating 'clean' and also keep an open mind when eating, ready to sample any foods that make for a better lifestyle, or learning new cooking techniques.

I also am lucky enough to work in communications, something I love. I am always on the hunt for new techniques in every aspect of marketing. I love hearing about creative campaigns and champion doing things better and doing them differently.

Last, but not least, I am happy with my lot. I appreciate evrything I have and I love the journey I'm on. Bring on life.