Andrew J Titcombe

Small Business Owner in England, United Kingdom

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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland Now lives in England - Wigton, where he went to school (Nelson Thomlinson). Used to work for CBS (Sony) Records UK and then ran a small chain of retail record shops (yes those vinyl gems) in London & Cumbria. Now trades as CRUCIAL MUSIC Adds collectible CDs & vinyl records on eBay & Amazon regularly.

A songwriter, he has written/co-written a few recorded songs including one for the local football (soccer) team (Carlisle United) when they had pole position on the top league a few years ago and one for The Carlisle Great Fair (historical pageant and market). He also co-wrote a song that took those British fun-folk artistes, The Wurzels, back into the UK Top 100 after many years of being off the scene. He has also written jingles & music for radio. Recently, he has had songs in the European Country Radio charts especially in Italy & Netherlands. He has many years experience of managing artistes & songwriters through his independent label (LOOSE RECORDS).

In the 90s, he went back to school and got an English A level which then took him to a degree course in English at the University of Cumbria. Family and work pressures meant he has not yet finished but looks forward to completing the course eventually and finally getting that elusive English degree.

Has wide experience of selling on Amazon & eBay and helped set up & manage the Botchergate Op Shop, Carlisle – a charity shop run by the local churches for their immediate communities.

His first business venture was a mail order philatelic business, which he ran whilst at school until threatened by the then head with expulsion unless he gave up. Ironically this was the same school where he became Business Advisor to the Young Enterprise groups & served on the Governing Body. He has appeared on TV & radio & written for local papers about e-commerce.