Andrew Keleher

Driven by a genuine need to innovate; I thrive on taking new propositions to market, exciting my audience with best in class applications and presenting solutions that make a genuine business impact.

With more than 10 years of professional experience in application delivery, I understand what it takes to make a solution successful. I have worked with a number of large multinational organizations in realizing the full potential of their software investment. With a primary focus on Customer Relationship Management; past engagements have covered all areas of Sales Force Automation, Multi Channel CRM, eCommerce, Social Collaboration and Mobility; across the Life Sciences, Consumer Goods and Communications industries.

A calculated move to Sales Consulting in 2010 has broadened my experience to sales, application commercials and product marketing. Working closely with both Sales and Product Management, I spend a lot of time with customers across key industries, understanding their business challenges and providing out of the box solutions. I have the confidence and professionalism to clearly articulate business value, combined with the experience and knowledge to create instant credibility. I also have very strong and respected relationships with Product Management, directly influencing product strategy and building unique industry value propositions to take to market.

My enterprise experience has given me a strong grounding in all areas of software sales, marketing and delivery. However it is my passion for social and consumer facing concepts that really drive me outside of work. A web designer, programmer, social networker and blogger; it is these things that really get me excited. The constant need to innovate, create and ultimately find that next big thing.

I am at a point in my career where I want to combine my professional enterprise experience with my passion to innovate and create. I truly have a “change-the-world” mentality and need the opportunity to excel in a fast-paced environment.