Andrew Kuo

Andrew Kuo

I'm an easy going down to earth guy, but on things I'm interested in and love I'm passionate, critical, realistic, and will not settle for anything other than perfect. I characterize myself as objective/ logical but also artistic and able to visualize possibilities.

Technical: Programmer in C++ and Java. Mainly dealt with scientific statistical data analysis. On more common stuff I'm experienced in database sorting, indexing and search. Which leads to my last point, I am also familiar and fairly knowledgeable at dealing with SQL in a business setting. I am academically trained as an Mechanical Engineer. Graduate specializations include Statistics, Linear Algebra and Fluid Mechanics. Do I have people skills? Of Course! I manage a distrubution service center. I have experience in managing people, coordinating, distribution schedules and financial accounting of customer contracts in an interstate logistics setting. Ask me why supply chains love us.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering @ UCSD

Masters of Science in Engineering (Dynamical Systems and control) @ UCLA

Hobbies/Side projects:


Mix Engineer/Mastering production in contemporary music.

Avid Snowboarder

Amateur Photographer

I follow Consumer Technology! They are not just companies, they make the things I love!

Currently attaining an certificate in real estate investments from UCLA Extensions for further personal financial insight.

References and personal portfolio are absolutely available upon request.