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Drew Lawson

According to researchers, less than 20% of people are actually “thriving”-living the “good life”-today.

We often live numb, “ho-hum”, dial tone, lives. Some of us reach the second tier: a life of everything’s fine, “How are you?” “Fine.” existence. What if there was a third tier? A tier of abundance. A tier of radical action. A tier of abundant life.

Few of us take the time to “look thoroughly into matters”, to examine our lives. We allow life to pass us by, and more often than not, life fills us with emptiness, loneliness, frustration, and fatigue and continues to remind us that the “unexamined life is [truly] not worth living.” Only when we examine our life can we begin to understand our worth, choices, dreams, and abundance. For life to be lived to its fullest, we must develop a way to explore life. A coach is someone who joins you on your adventure to reach your mountain top through a simple, elegant, systematized, team oriented process. The adventure is easy, fun, and light. Come join me on an expedition to advance, enhance and explore the possibilities, an expedition of learning, growth, fulfillment, and abundant life.

Lawson Coaching has been developed by Dr. Drew Lawson, a Stanford trained, board certified physician and Professional Coach. He has extensive experience in men’s growth and development, physician in crisis (lawsuits, burnout, etc), healthcare team building (physician/nurse & physician/patient), work/life balance, stress reduction, time management and has researched, developed, taught and written Vital Signs of Life and Vital Signs of Healing curriculum. Combining his passion for teaching, mentoring, and coaching with his experience in the chaotic world of Emergency Medicine where he is known by his colleagues as incredibly efficient, calm, “never cracks under pressure”, and “smiles even during the most hectic situations”, Dr. Lawson will provide you with the adventure and tools to inspire you to create the life you want.