Andrew Levene

Wilmington, Delaware, resident Andrew Levene is a veteran United States Army Ranger who served as a Sergeant and leader of a reconnaissance team. Seeking a way to finance college studies, in 1992 Andrew Levene enlisted in the U.S. Army in order to take advantage of the GI Bill, which offers a variety of educational programs for those in the armed forces.

Andrew Levene began his military career with basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. During that time, his discipline focused on the Airborne Patrol. Andrew Levene was promoted to Specialist prior to his departure for Fort Bragg in North Carolina. While there, Andrew Levene was elevated to Sergeant status and assigned to a reconnaissance team, where he served as team leader.

Andrew Levene was eventually deployed overseas as a light infantry and reconnaissance expert. Working for a non-governmental organization (NGO), Andrew Levene created relationships with local governments and municipal officials. He also helped provide basic social services for communities in Turkey, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Andrew Levene had the distinction of reporting to the late General Wayne A. Downing, a 34-year Army veteran. General Downing also commanded American Special Operations forces before becoming a senior counterterrorism advisor to President George W. Bush.

In his free time, Andrew Levene enjoys hiking and off-trail skiing, and he is an avid ice hockey fan.