Andrew Linick

Consultant in Middle Island, New York

Andrew Linick

Consultant in Middle Island, New York

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Career Highlights:

Commenting on the official “bible” written on Nunchaku: Grand Master Peter Urban (10th Dan) hand wrote on 5/2/72, “Master Linick is the very best martial arts and weapons genius I’ve known in 25 years in America and Asia. He definitely has the Zen mind.”

Hanshi received a personal autograph in An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America from Movie Star & American Karate Legend & World Champion GM Bob Wall.

"To Hanshi Andrew Linick, A REAL Pioneer of the Martial Arts in America. A grandmaster in the martial arts, a Ph.D. and a Grandmaster in Business. All the Best to You!" —Respectfully, Bob Wall.

Oct. 2010 was the first year the World Registry of Black Belts, Organizations, Federations and Associations honored 12 Martial Artists worldwide. Hanshi Linick was one of four MA Grandmasters from the U.S.A. to be inducted into the prestigious WRBBOF Hall of Fame.

Hanshi Linick has accepted the position to sit on the Board of Advisors for the European Martial Arts Federation, (Oct. 2010) and 2010 Just for Champions Hall of Fame and Banquet (MAY, 2010) where he and other Long Island, NY martial arts pioneers/legends will be honored that evening.

Hanshi has also accepted the position on the Board of Directors and History Generals and appointment to Admins of The Museum of Sport Karate™ and was asked by Professor Gary Lee to help create the official Patch logo/design with GM Keith Yates and created the pending slogan and trademark™ while writing a shorter version (MSK) and new name for the organization above. Linick was asked to be the Head Historian for the House of Okinawa.

• Partial honors received include: Oct. 12, 2002, NJ. Shihan Gary Alexander’s IAMA Hall of Fame presented Hanshi Linick with the Golden Martial Arts Achievement Award.

Jan. 8th 2000 in Atlanta, GA at Master Adolfo Ennever’s American Federation of Martial Arts HOF, inducted as Martial Arts Pioneer 1958.

PROCLAMATION from Robert J. Gaffney, County Executive, County of Suffolk, NY proclaiming Dr. Andrew Linick Day July 11th 1999 while being inducted into United Martial Artists Assoc. HOF Black Belt Council and Golden Lifetime Award. More on:

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