Andrew McCollom

Albuquerque, NM

Andrew studied at UNM and accomplished a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics. He accomplished much during his time as an undergraduate, and has procured a keen understanding of art and academics. His aim for a BFA was to uncover a discipline and work ethic for the abilities he possessed in art. As soon as he was introduced to the process of throwing on a wheel, his perspective of where he wants to be in the art world, changed. With this he started to explore conceptual ideas such as “art is a way, not a thing” (–Sensei Inoue). Through such disciplines as the method of Arita from Japan, which incorporates rooted Japanese philosophy with the act of throwing “pure” porcelain on a wheel. He was also introduced to the method of pueblo pottery first hand, which is rooted in the philosophies of ancient traditions, known specifically here in the southwest United States. He focuses on combining these method’s conceptual backgrounds to form his aesthetic. He develops his pieces with purity, tranquility, respect, and focus and as such lets the clay communicate with him. In an ever changing, evolving art world, the need for modernism is present in his work as well, as he draws inspiration from the natural world into ideas through form.

  • Work
    • Potter
  • Education
    • University of New Mexico