Andrew Mezirow

As owner and captain of Crackerjack Sportfishing Charters, Andrew Mezirow draws upon extensive experience in the maintenance of seagoing vessels and system as well as personnel management in the Maritime Industry. He secured his first sea going job in 1982 as a deckhand on the 140-foot Viking Starship, the world's largest charter fishing boat, and on the 106-foot Viking Star. Paying his dues and developing the skills for navigation, finding fish and vessel maintenance , Andrew Mezirow earned promotion to Deck boss and relief captain on the Swordfish boat Sea Lion VII just a few years later.

Since that time, Andrew Mezirow has held positions of high responsibility on a number of passenger, cargo, and research vessels. He has navigated ships of up to 786 feet in Alaskan waters and has steered 72-foot passenger vessels through iceberg-laden fjords. As former chief officer of the 165-foot R/V Peter W. Anderson, Mr. Mezirow deployed and maintained oceanographic research equipment in such varying water conditions as the North Atlantic and the Mississippi River.

In a later role as chief officer of the 132-foot R/V Alpha Helix, also a research vessel, Andrew Mezirow successfully oversaw voyages in the Gulf of Alaska, the Arctic Ocean, and other potentially hazardous waters. The respect for maritime safety that he has developed during this career continues to serve him as a charter fishing captain and owner, and as an instructor at the Alaska Maritime Training Center.

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    • The Evergreen State College
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