andrew milner

my name is Andrew David Milner; I was named after Andrew Jackson and my uncle David. I am 18,im a senior at Bristow high school. I joined the army last year and completed basic training on 8/23/2012. There are many activities that i participate in including soccer, bowling, gaming, reading, fishing, hunting, traveling, atv's and small engine mechanics.

My mom's name is michelle milner; my mom was born in big cabin oklahoma. My dad's name is Alan milner; my dad was born in whichita kansas and moved to oklahoma when he was 14.

Some of my close friends include Devin Jones, Dom Anderson, Tyler Anderson, Cody Mccoy, and Dakota cooper all of them are juniors and seniors from bristow high school. I have 2 dogs rusty is a chaweeny (half chawawa half weeny dog), and penut, he's a shelty. I grew up in oklahoma I have been working on my uncle's dairy farm since i was 7, and i love ranching and cattle.

One of my goals ofcourse is college, also i would like to start a family some day, and to become an officer in the army. My favorite color is blue; because the ocean is blue and ive loved the ocean ever since i was a kid.

Some of my favorite TV shows are How its Made, Mythbusters, House, Psych, Bones, The Mentelast,