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Small Business Owner in New Zealand

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If you are looking for quality rope and rail products, Katrina Moir and her team will provide you with what you need. Katrina’s company customises iron and other items that a customer may need for their project.

Rope and Rail Limited is a supplier of used railway iron for foundation work, retaining walls, kiln rail and others. If a client requires various lengths, the company supplies and cuts the railway iron to meet their needs and specifications.

At Rope and Rail Limited, customers will only get quality products and first-rate customer service. We have a range of services that we can customise based on your needs, some of the things we do include cutting railway iron to meet client specifications, arranging convenient transport to a client’s location, measure strops to length and all logging requirements.

As premier wire and rope suppliers, we make sure our customers get what they need, down to the last centimetre. Our dedication to customer service gives us a competitive advantage and the quality of the products we provide has earned the loyalty of customers.

With our first-rate services and products, you can finish the construction project on time, ensure safety of workers and stay within budget.

Contact us to learn more about our products and what we can do for you.